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Goku Pack v1.2 *Final*

This Goku Pack is based on the Goku DB Super Anime Pack by AngelYue, reskinned with ESF textures by me.

Normal, False SSJ, SSJ, SSJ2 (5 SSJ3 Hair Grow Models) SSJ3, SSJ4, SSG, SSB, UI Models

they have facial animations, eyes moving, blinking, animated hair, animated clothing, ssj4 has animated tail

some new animations from AngelYue and XSlayer

hope you guys like it

Gogeta SSJ4

So I’ve tried to recreate UM-wFs’s never released SSJ4 Gogeta, I think I did a pretty good job.


UM-wFs Team for base SSJ Gogeta

Kreshi for Tail and Hair

SV for Pants, Boots, Face, Hands, Base Skeleton & Animations

Edit & Big Bang Kamehameha Animation by Nemix