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EDIT: now with BOTFIX. PLS WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! there you will find the download link.

a little trailer here to show you guys what esf is capable of! hope you enjoy and we can welcome some new gamer in our still there community;) ca in discord!

big thx to haitam83, nemix and andreasus for helping me record that shit…….
Starman/Ethereal and V3g3tt0 for making that shit work…….

DONT install this over your current esf folder! You HAVE to delete your old folder and put this one instead! otherwise nothing will work because of half lifes precache limit! Replace your esf folder with that one!

enter esf_powerlevel in console to raise some powerlevel…… amxx cmds for other commands.
make first amxxcmds and then press the space…..otherwise u will deactivate another command….you will see..enjoy.

DW links:
VIDEO Proof:

feel free to use the stuff inside! there is a huge collection of models,sprites,sounds and code examples to go even further beyond! take good use of this collection and do you own amazing pack!

but pls give credits to me and my buddys! without them it all wouldnt be possible!

if you got problems just contact me:
discord: BANDIT#8513

subscribe Teamfourstar! they are amazing! i borrowed some sounds there.
DBZA is the best!!!!

also pls subscribe to devilartemis! he brought my knuckles to live!
he is a videomaking machine with a great sense of humor!


BANDIT´s Pack 2.3 FINAL *cause i dont want anymore
details and feature explanations below


this whole thing would not be possible without:

Recursive aka v3g3tt0 *he is the reason everything works!





Camila/Starman/Ethereal *thx for mafuba and a a lot of other stuff!







modders of alliedmodders *had to use a lot snippets from there!

and even a bit Jerry
thanks a lot guys!

usefull stuff/features:

*New fastascend technique for goku/freezer and vegeta!
press ascend twice to transform in the currently highest accessable stage!

*Type in chat: ssj4lock *that makes fastascend only go to ssj4 instead of blue. you can still trans to blue

*New spirit bomb when loaded 100% it can be boosted further beyond by incomming attacks

*New beampossibilities Beamstruggle + right click your kamehameha to detach it!

*Say UK in chat to “no da wae”

*New fusions

*NEW effects

*Cell can eat others:D !!!!!!!Doesnt work with bots…sometimes not at allXD just delete absorbing.amxx if its annoying.

*Zamasu fusion suffers corruption! and use first powerup and then a 1second later turbo *both together then…hold it a bit and trigger blades of jugdement

*Potara chars (black/zamasu) now gonna drop potaras on death:D

*ULTRA instinct!: its no simple transformation! ty and achive this insane form! i give u a hint…be ssjblue….do the thing….then respawn fast and done. Try the ultra ability with turbo aura on.

*new meele!!!! unfortunatly its bound to the models…..otherwise meele cant be altered… you have to deal with my models or contact me in discord and i show u how to rewrite the plugin to work with the models u like. its quite easy! no coding knownledge is needed for that!

*and you can have a taste of the mafuba plugin here! use the dragon and wish for mafuba! then u can do it. every char can do it! only in base form ******Big Thanks to Starman, Kronos, Camila for this!!! wouldnt be possible without you guys!
you can also type in console “give mafuba”

*with vegeta say in normal chat: ssj3trans *u will see what this does:P

*if you wanna fight with style….then wish for planet destruction and shot somewhere on the map.
*if you wanna redo the damage you did……revive all trees and slaves….then wish for healing the planet
*if your map doesnt support dragonballs just write in console “destruction” or “heal” to enable the core and healtsystem
say .fusion in chat to see what fusions are available.

in core folder are way more chars…..but they had to leave because of fucking precache limit……..there is a rar file…..just exchange with whatever u desire;)
If your map wont load anymore some day and the console says something with 512 then u reached the limit and u need to remove stuff.
in order to get add new chars into my new meele just contact me

feel free to use my stuff and create awesome new shit!