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Better Recolors – Goku

Just as the title says, better recolors for Goku. That's about it. I'm not a fan of the ones he has already, so I decided to make a pack of better recolors. Now all of them include a reference, and I've made them the same color as they would be. So the Blue Color is still Blue, expect now it has a better recolor, that being End of Z Goku. Anyways, here's all the colors. 

Base Color 1 - Normal Gi Colors.

Ref Color 2 - Blue OG Dragon Ball Gi.

Red Color 3 - Red OG Dragon Ball Gi.

Blue Color 4 - End of Z Goku.

Green Color 5 - Goku Jr.'s Colors

Yellow Color 6 - Beat's Gi 

Purple Color 7 - Gohan's Gi. 

Pink Color 8 - GT Goku Colors.

Orange Color 9 - Master Roshi or Grandpa Gohan

White Color 11 - Volume 42 Colors.

Black Color 12 - Clone Goku. 

Step 1 - Go to the folder "Better Recolors - Goku"
Step 2 - Leaving the other folder open, go to your Steam Folder and find the FighterZ Folder.
Step 3 - In the FighterZ Folder, go to RED -> Content -> Paks and make a new folder in Paks called "~mods".
Step 4 - Go back to the "Better Recolors - Goku", copy and paste this folder in "~mods"
Done, enjoy my recolor pack for Goku!


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May 9, 2018