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BudokaiZ OST

Thought I'd have a try at mixing Budokai music from all 4 games (and 2 psp spin-off's) into FighterZ matching each song as best as I could. This should hopefully work for the current patch as of: 16th July 2018.

All Audio but boss encounters for story mode and the new dlc characters of Fused Zamasu and Vegito have been added.

Special Thanks to MexicanBBQ's FighterZ OST Mod Maker for making this possible.

Extract the zip (or open it) and locate your FighterZ game location.

(Steam User's can easily find it by launching your steam client, locating the game; right clicking it and selecting "Properties" then go to "Local Files" tab and select the button "Browse Local Files".

The go to "RED/Content/Paks/~Mods" and place the folder in there.

(If there is no "~Mods" folder you'll need to make one. You will also need to make sure Anti-Cheat is turned off for FighterZ and you have a Mod .exe to run the game. See Tutorial's for more.)

Once the folder is in ~Mods it should work!


  • Fixed an issue found with Broly's theme only playing the first 40 seconds of the full song. It should now play the entire song, also tweaked it to cut to the action faster and loop better.



  • Mod released with themes for every character but Boss themes, Vegito and Fused Zamas.
  • Tweaked some songs to cut them straight into the action for battle.
  • ¬†All stages have their own budokai songs
  • Main menu, character select and even results for the end of battle has a budokai song.


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July 17, 2018