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[DBS-DBZ OST] Morganinho58’s OST PACK

Hi guys ! Here my mod wich is already in v1.2. I didn't think it will be appraciate by a lot of people so I share it here ! 

So basically, this mod changes the game OST by my own preference selection (I tried to associate each songs with the characters' & stages emotions ... More focus on feelings) of DBS/DBZ  sometimes KAI musics.

A lil' bit nostalgia with DBZ themes but also great fight vibes with DBS themes to go to a VSF game !

It works Online/Local battle.

All musics I use are remixed to be soft in the hears (introduction-refrain-conclusions are worked) and extented to cover a fight ! 

Tell me if you've got any questions, suggestions or about quality sound of MOD. Don't forget let a stars evaluation and a lil' message if you have appraciated ... Thank you for downloading !

Stay tuned to check news updates.






How to install :
Simply extract the content of the archive into "DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods"

If you haven't got the folder ~mods you have to create it yourself

Recommanded In-Game Settings :
Music : 100

Sound : 50

Voices : 55

NB : Probably 5% margin according to your feels

! NEWS !

As you know, BANDAI has nowadays blocked ALL mods, infortunately, mods  are just interesting Online … So I decided to stop manage this mod.

I'm just disapointed & I don't see what could I do more without Online mods … I'm so sorry to say you that 😭

If mods are rehabilited, I'll come back but today, I give up ...

The others you can even use the mod (OFFLINE) to disconecting EAC, all you must to know is here 👉 How disconect EAC mods but mod won't be updated !


Thank you to your support, take care of you ! 





Since this 15th may 2018 morning ... BANDAI has blocked all MODS ! 

It's horrible without musics ... 😰

Stay tuned to check what's new ...

Untill there .... be brave FighterZ ✊

[...Sad music vibes...] 😭😭😭

V 1.6


  • West city theme : Check new YouTube link in description

ADJUSTMENTS : Frieza's theme : +1dB

OPTIMIZATION : File size 186MB

V 1.5

ADJUSTMENTS : -1 dB for these themes :

  • Goku
  • Espace
  • Vegeta

ADJUSTMENT :  Characters select + 1dB

V 1.4

ADJUSTMENTS : +1dB for these themes :

  • Win Screen
  • Characters select
  • Versus
  • Gohan
  • Ginyu
  • Namek

V 1.3

IMPROVEMENT : Reduce saturation for all songs

OPTIMIZATION : File size is now 192MB


  • Cell Games 
  • West City (Destoyed) 
  • Rocky field 
  • Plaines 
  • Namek
  • Espace
  • Final fight (C#21)
  • Final fight (Enemies story)
  • Goku
  • Buu / Kid Buu
  • Characters select

Check YouTube links in description for these themes


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