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FBIopenUP’s OST mod

(The link is to my upload of this mod on

I replaced as much of this game's music as I could

WARNING!!! Cooler's theme has vulgar lyrics and some of the songs may have inconsistent volumes


Goku's theme: Alive (Death Battle)

Gohan's theme: Unravel (Johnathan Young cover)

Yamcha and Piccolo's theme: Wild Wild Fast (Wild Wild West and Mirage Saloon zone mashup)

Vegeta's theme: Those Who Fight (AC Version) Final Fantasy 7

Krillin's theme: Dan Hibiki theme (Street Fighter 4)

Tien's theme: Force and Lightning (Death Battle)

Nappa's theme: Battle at the Zoo (Death Battle)

Frieza's theme: One-Winged Angel (Death Battle)

Ginyu's theme: Fight As One (Downstait)

Trunks' theme: Hero (Skillet)

18's theme: Pull Over That Metal Too Fast (Triple-Q)

16's theme: Wings of Iron (Death Battle)

Cell's theme: Bizzare Stars (Death Battle)

Gotenks' theme: Immortals (Johnathan Young cover)

Majin Buu/Kid Buu: Masked Dedede's theme

Hit's theme: Days of Booster Past (Death Battle)

Goku Black's theme: Turn It Up (Anikdote)

Beerus' theme: Gods of Destruction (Death Battle)

DBZ Broly's theme: U Got That (Halogen)

Bardock's theme: You're Gonna Go Far Kid (Johnathan Young cover)

Zamasu's theme: Fabulous (Phineas and Ferb)

Vegito and Gogeta's theme: Ultra Instinct Drip

17's theme: This Machine (Sonic Heroes)

Cooler's theme: Cosplay Anthem (Shiki-TMNS)

Jiren: Dangerous Gaze (Death Battle)

Videl's theme: Love is War x Game Theory mashup (Triple Q)

GT Goku's theme: You're Gonna Go Far Kid (Eurobeat Remix)

Janemba's theme: Appetite For Greed (Death Battle)

DBS Broly's theme: Ikari (Death Battle)

Kefla's theme: Come On Shrek It Up (City Escape and All Star mashup)

U.I. Goku's theme: Ultra Instinct Rush (Dragon Ball Super OST)

Master Roshi's theme: Turtle and Toad (Death Battle)

21's theme: E.T. (Klaypex Dubstep Remix)

Cavern: Smooth Criminals in the Desert (Smooth Criminal and River in the Desert mashup)

Rocky Field: Battlefield (Smash Bros Brawl)

Planet Namek: Battlefield Ver. 2 (Smash Bros Brawl)

Planet Namek Destroyed: Foolhardy (Friday Night Funkin mod)

West City: Station Square remix (Sonic Adventure)

West City Destroyed: Thunder Shroud (Death Battle)

World Tournament Arena: Slam of the North Star

Islands: Bramble Blast

Cell Games Arena: Boss Battle (Smash Bros Brawl)

Wasteland: Gohan vs Perfect Cell (DBZ Budokai)

Land of the Kais: Halland/Dalarna (Smash Bros Ultimate)

Galactic Arena: Four Fist Death Punch (Death Battle)

Space: Emerald Heroes (Death Battle)

Title Screen: Mortal Kombat 1 theme (SNES version)

Select Screen: Budokai 1 Select Screen theme

Lobby theme: Coconut Mall (Qumu Remix)

VS Loading Screen: Wiz and Boomstick (Death Battle)

Result Screen: Final Fantasy 7 Victory Theme and This is America mashup


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    Wow good video to describe the mod

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July 21, 2021