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Fighterz Music Tool (FmT)

This tool allows you to easily mod FigherZ musics.

Fighters, stages, menus and even the DLC musics !

The super simple UI comes with an in-build tutorial and a music player to checks your songs before packaging your mod !



In order to update the database, you must delete the old one (Settings > Delete database). Otherwize, the news tracks will not be visible. However it will also delete your existings tracks (I'll working on this in a future release)

Very simple: unzip the archive wherever you want, then run "Fighterz Music Tool.exe".

1.0.0 - Initial release

1.1.0 - Muten Roshi track available. Fixed tutorial.


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  1. SonicFan says:

    Will there ever be a update on this? its really cool actually.

  2. rpgfan4life says:

    Can you please update to game version 1.27 with Super Baby 2 and SSJ4 Gogeta? Much thanks!

  3. rpgfan4life says:

    One more question if you don’t mind. Is there a way to have the custom music extended/looped like a lot of the in-game VGM files?

  4. rpgfan4life says:

    Excuse me again lol, may I please ask if it’s fine for you to separate the music choice selections for the Goku’s, Vegeta’s etc.? I’m hoping so because I then I can use multiple different themes for each of them ^^

  5. rpgfan4life says:

    I checked my music files are all in sufficient sizes already. The “DONE” message never popped up and dragging the .pak and .sig files into a created mod BGM folder within ~mods doesn’t work, please help if possible :/

  6. rpgfan4life says:

    Please forgot most of what I said underneath, no problem now lol. All I had to do was allow a certain amount of the replaced songs to proceed processing first not all of them at once. Still hoping you can answer my questions for updates and extending like most in-game BGMs from video games though ^^

  7. matthewmasato says:

    are there and plans to add baby, gogeta 4 and the fighterz cup themes?

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September 17, 2020