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Gogeta Color 59

Gogeta's "Goku Day" Color found in the game files. Here for those who don't wanna wait for its release. Works with Saitsu's SSJ Gogeta Mod.

Over Color 2

10/2 v1.1 added optional UI change


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  1. deblankyy says:

    how did you get Vegito Color 59 ??

    1. dpz9000 says:

      Mix of ssj vegito, Ultima’s Shintani style vegito and Saitsu’s goku day color pack

  2. erub says:

    Can you make a mod with vegeta and make a vegeta hakaishin?

    1. dpz9000 says:

      Sure why not. This was my first thing related to modding so I’m looking forward to more stuff

      1. erub says:

        It would be great if you did, since there is literally no such mod, I leave you a reference image in case you do it one day×720.webp
        If you have a YouTube channel or any page where I can follow you to share your work please let me know, I love mods

  3. eckso says:

    all these mods just to lose to my zbroly! just playing this shit look clean

  4. bigzuchini says:

    Awesome mod, anyway you can change the aura color to yellow?

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October 3, 2021