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Goku Black but he’s actually black

This is what I thought Goku Black would look like when I first heard of him.
Now we just need to give him an Afro and he'll be just like that TFS version.
It's also compatible with the Base Black mod, and the clones are also part of the gang.

2.0 Update: Added variants for all colors, offered as a separate download. Original still goes over Color 02.
3.0 Update: Added UI stuff, now every render of him in-game is better. If I missed any, lemme know and I'll see what I can do to fix it, but I think I got them all. It's offered as a separate download.
4.0 Update: Hopefully the final update, this one adds the chibi avatarsĀ (+recolors of avatars) and fixes some general issues. I might add more if there's anything I missed, but for now I think that's everything.
5.0 Update: Kept ya waiting, huh? Added all the new holiday stuff as well as some fixes. Also added some new stamps.
6.9 Update: Add Color16, and adds an optional mod that makes his shading all black (shown in the later pictures). Simply go into the mod folder and delete the "~PureBlackShading" folder if you don't want it.


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February 22, 2020