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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Black

This mod replaces Goku Black not MUI Goku
and has 3 versions MUIGokuBlack silver hair no gray gi (see screenshot 1) UIGokuBlackSign black hair and has parts of the gray gi (see screenshot 2) and a costume script version read the README!
Also replaces zamasu to have the half corrupted face. Costume script version doesn't have corrupt Zamasu.

Sadly his aura aswell as the glow from his aura and swords are still rosé due to limitations in modding.

No UI Changes
Not Recolor Friendly
Replaces all 16 colors
Replaces all 16 colors (Zamasu)
Not Recolor Friendly (Zamasu)

I do both paid commissions and free requests for XV2/FZ in my discord at


If you don't read the read me file or complain about the name then you're big dumb.

Pick one of the versions to use and drop its folder into ~mods Costume script version can be used at the sametime as the other 2.

0.9: Release.
1.0: Costume script compatibility added.


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