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Spongebob Squarepants

About time I did this guy. After I did Patrick and saw the reception that got, it was only fitting that I made his partner in crime!
Comes with all costumes replaced, all the necessary UI (Including clone rendersĀ but no player card junk bc that's hard to edit), and a ton of fun!
He is the way he is (with the jellyfish & the hands) because it was very challenging trying to rig his noodle arms/legs to Kid Buu's bones, so I went with this design as a compromise.
If we kept the legs, it'd be like that one episode where he went to the prom, and that'd just be silly.
If you're curious, yes he does have a clone Color, however It's just a copy of Color 11 (Doodlebob) because I wanted every color to be playable. He's also got unique clone renders as well (however in reality they're just B&W versions of the original render with higher contrast).

1.01: Removed the Krabby Patty texture that I forgot to take out :p


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