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Super Vegito: 2020 Edition!

What you'll find in this mod:

1.) All character renders are fully implemented. (Character select background and icon, & battle icon.)
2.) SSB model has been swapped for SSJ. Compatible with Vegito's normal alternate colors.
3.) Replaced the theme of Vegito, source can be found here:
4.) Changed Vegito's auras to the SSJ versions.
5.) Recolored and renamed (Super Vegito) the SSGSS version of Vegito's lobby avatar. (Includes all 12 colors.)
6.) Replaced the SSGSS Goku & Vegeta in the Final Kamehameha animation with their SSJ counterparts.
7.) Renamed "Vegito (SSGSS)" to "Super Vegito."
8.) Swapped one of Vegito's character select lines. 


Words of note: 

This mod is merely an updated version of Lean's old one. There are a few new additions, but the bulk of the work was already completed. Please support and give your praise to the original mod author. Thank you. <3


Drag and drop the folder within "Super Vegito.rar" into your "~mods" folder.


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  1. rpgfan4life says:

    Hello, can you please update this mod to version 1.27. All please?

  2. rpgfan4life says:

    This mod seems to be affecting many in-game files for the most updated version. For example the special items option within the item shop now is in system file name called *Shop_Choice_Limited*, the new DLC character choices after Kefla within the Choose Lobby Character menu now are in system file names and some of the stage music names (mainly for the newest DLC characters after Kefla) now are in system file names. On top of all that all of the names for the DLC characters released after Kefla (UI Goku, Master Roshi, Super Baby 2 and SSJ4 Gogeta) now are replaced by system file names and the moveset pages for them have now disappeared.

  3. rpgfan4life says:

    Ah never mind sorry please delete my messages if possible lol! I just read about the two different mod folders which one of them to be aware about potential text errors ^^

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March 14, 2020