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Tournament of Power Arena (Damaged – Purple Sky)


This is my version of the Tournament of Power stage after Vegeta's Final Explosion. The mod comes in 2 versions which both contain the exact same model and textures, the only difference lies in the audio part:

V1 - non invasive version, only contains a custom announce call (t.o.p instead of space)

V2 - full custom audio (zeno and grand priest's voices instead of default commentator) + custom announce call

The reason you may not want to install the full custom audio version is that as zeno's commentary overwrites the default commentary, which is shared among every map of the game, you will end up having zeno's commentary in every other map of the game as well. Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about it, and that's why I'm including 2 versions so that you can choose.

The 3rd file you'll see is the stage renaming (t.o.p instead of space). The reason I put it as a separate file is because you likely need to have the latest version of the game for it to work, and whenever a new update comes the renaming won't work anymore and I'll have to update it. Feel free to install it if you have the latest version (1.14).


Many many thanks to Evilsayajin for allowing me to rework his T.O.P model and for helping me a lot during the modding process.

Credit goes to Starrk17 for his zen temple model. 

Credit goes to Toppo for purple sky textures.


  • Add Grand Priest on his platform
  • Retexturize the meteorites to fit the color of the stage (not likely to be doable as I already tried a million times)
  • Break up the pillar that is capsized on the stage
  • Add a broken part of the stage floating in the background

Just copy the combination you want in the mods folder.

V1 + renaming if you don't want zeno's commentary, V2+renaming if you want it.

Beta 0.75 - base version


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Beta 0.75
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February 23, 2019