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All Awoken Skills equippable by all races, regardless of exclusivity

Video Game Mods Forums Xenoverse 2 Mod requests All Awoken Skills equippable by all races, regardless of exclusivity

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        Back when the game was new, I remember hearing of a mod that did away with Awoken Skill exclusivity and made it so any of them could be equipped by any CaC regardless of race, with varying results; I specifically remember them saying that Super Saiyan forms, Golden Frieza and Purification worked on CaCs of any race without major glitches, but attempting to use PPP or Giant Namekian outside their intended races would crash the game. I couldn’t find a mod like this for download, so can it be re-hacked to include the new Saiyan Awokens as well?

      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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