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Can’t make customization keys rewards in custom quest

Video Game Mods Forums Xenoverse 2 Help Can’t make customization keys rewards in custom quest

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        I’m trying to bypass the bullhonkery of the raids and their absolutely garbage RNG system by making a custom quest have them as rewards.


        Issue is.. I have no idea how. I’ve tried this for both a sample mod quest that comes standard with eternity tools, and by editing an existing quest using the quest importer.

        I’ve edited the quest.x2qs file and put the ItemCollection Collection21000 and all its relevant info in the { } brackets as the only rewards and such. However whether its on a custom quest or an existing one, they just don’t show up as part of the reward list, and doing the quest doesn’t drop them either. Am I missing something or am I just doing this wrong? I tried following a tutorial on youtube but one was freaking 40 minutes long and too convoluted, while the other was 15 minutes and didn’t even bloody touch on the rewards part of the quest.


        I just want to get those stupid customization keys without doing the raids. I didn’t buy this damn DLC to have to do that sort of garbage to get what I want.


      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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