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More authentic weapon names

Video Game Mods Forums Just Cause 2 Mod requests More authentic weapon names

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        I have a concept for a Just Cause 2 mod that makes weapon names sound more authentic but I have almost zero modding or coding skills. Here’s a list of what I’ve came up with in case somebody who does know how to make this kind of mod would want to tell me how to do it.

        • Pistol – IWI Desert Eagle
        • Revolver – S&W Model 500
        • Sniper Rifle – Romanian PSL
        • Assault Rifle – AR-15
        • Shotgun – FN Tactical Police
        • Submachine Gun – FAMAE SAF SMG
        • Machine Gun – FN M249
        • Grenade Launcher – Milkor MGL
        • Rocket Launcher – M136 AT-4 (or Pansarskott m/86)
        • Minigun – GE M134


        • Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle – H&K XM-8 “Bull’s Eye”
        • Rico’s Signature Gun – Taurus Raging Bull (or “Rico’s Raging Bull”)
        • Quad Rocket Launcher – M202 Flash
        • Cluster Bomb Launcher – M203 GL (only loosely based on this, though)
      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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