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Pan with SS1, SS2, and maybe SS Rage

Video Game Mods Forums Xenoverse 2 Mod requests Pan with SS1, SS2, and maybe SS Rage

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        I’ve seen a few good mods that give Pan a super saiyan transformation, but either it’s only SS1, or there’s a bunch of extra forms that make no sense for Pan to have. I’d like to see a mod that gives her forms a hybrid saiyan can get. SS1 and 2, and perhaps Super Saiyan Rage (I think that was the name for the form Future Trunks got when Vegeta shared a little of his god ki). It can be either the GT or Xeno design of Pan. My only specific requests are 1. SS hair is not too spiky that it looks overexaggerated and bulky and 2. One of the forms to have the Ultimate be a father-daughter Kamehameha with Gohan.

      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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