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What to do if Xenoverse 2 is on another drive?

Video Game Mods Forums Xenoverse 2 Help What to do if Xenoverse 2 is on another drive?

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    Arala Cran

        Okay, sorry I have to ask this. I was finally curious of how to use these mods for XV2 on the PC but of course they just had to update the game right on that very night I was just setting things for this up… how rude. Anyway though,  not only that, but my biggest problem is trying to use the said modder/patcher file for the game but since on a Lenovo, the “C” drive is not the best place for the game… I can at least hold it on the “D” drive or an external one at least some TB in sizes. Problem is when I tried to use the patcher from there, I keep getting errors. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Is there a way to be able to set the patcher and such up with the game on another drive that is not the tiny “C:” drive?</span> 😥

      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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