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8 Movesets and Custom Abilities

New level!

Now I can change the Avatar's abilities for all styles.

But unfortunately, some abilities work exclusively on type D with, so to speak, Sewn-in abilities.


Seiya - Male A

Shishio - Fem A

Madara - Male B

Cell - Fem B

Sabo - Male C

Shiryu - Fem C

Zoro - Male D

Grimmjow - Fem D


For All Styles

The Billion Fold World Trichiliocosm - Gamma Knife.

You Might Die This Time - Spirit Breaker.

Flame Dragon King - Delaware Detroit Smash.

Gran Ray Cero - Pegasus Meteor Fist.

Snake Fang Cannon - Black Meteorite.

Only on Seiya Moveset.

Cosmic Star Arrow - Enraged Dragon Force.

Only D WITH ABILITIES Type - Use only on the version with built-in abilities!

Desgarron - Diable Jambe! Concassè Spin.

One Sword Style tai Death Lion Song - Diable Jambe! Joue Shot.

Three Thousand Worlds - Shining Sword Attack.

Garra de la Pantera - Dragon Fang.



The blade effect in Zoro's ability is just an overlay.
There will be no effect in the game!

And so that there are sounds and effects, it is necessary that the characters are in your team or against you.
For example - for the effects of Desgarron to work, you need Grimmjow to be in your team.

1 - Move the Abilities folder to the ~mods folder.
2 - Move the SkillMP4 folder to the Movies folder with the replacement along the path - GAME_FOLDER JUMP_FORCEContent
3 - Transfer folders with movesets to ~mods folder.


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  1. ghgh3022 says:

    can u do yoruichi moveset and skills and hiei awakening black dragon

    1. Samzan says:

      I already did Yoruichi. But it is only suitable for the version with Built-in abilities (Namely Type D) and will not work for everyone.

      On Hiei, there is a problem with him.

      His Dragon ability DOES NOT WORK on CaC. And if you remove it, then CaC will be able to perform the awakened ability ONLY once.

      And I plan to return to Jump Force mods soon and I do

      Dio Moveset (With fixed attacks) – Fem C – With two abilities

      Giorno Moveset – Male D – With awakened ability

      Boa Hancock Moveset – Male B

      Frieza Moveset – Fem A

      Yoruichi Moveset – Fem D

      Yugi Moveset – Male C – With Awakened Abilitiy

      Todoroki Moveset – Fem B – With Awakened Ability

      Killua – Male A

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December 23, 2020