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Anor Londo

Hailing from Dark Souls, the giant cathedral at the center of Lordran's capital makes its way to Jump Force! Goes over Final Valley. Comes with UI elements too.

Known issues:

-The texture work looks like shit. This is the first stage mod I've ever made and I 100% figured it out through sheer trial and error, and because of the way I did things, the entire cathedral is one model. Due to the maximum texture size allowed by UE4 being 8192 by 8192 pixels, it looks very blurry and weird, as this is far smaller than the actual size of the texture I created. I fully admit to this being a result of inexperience and inefficient design, and I'll strive to improve in the future.

-Breakable objects appear out of nowhere. I was able to replace every object in the level with an invisible cube to effectively get rid of them, but this didn't really work for breakable objects (such as lamps and the like) as doing this would make the game crash when my character touched them in testing. Because of this, I didn't touch the destructible models - you won't see them in normal play most of the time, but if you walk to a spot where they WOULD be, you'll see them briefly appear, break, and then disappear. I'm sure there's a way around this, but I currently haven't figured it out.

Just download the file and place the "Anor Londo" folder into your ~mods folder.


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  1. Man Stage mods are the best ones thanks !

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July 8, 2021