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Completed Save File (All rewards and Premium Shop costumes)

On November 5th, Spike did an oopsie with the update 2.04 and gave us the Giorno and Yoruichi files, after that they rolled back the game to version 2.03 and many people were left with an useless save file. So here I'm sharing my backup of the 2.03 save.

It'll also have the bonus of having all the event rewards and Premium Shop outfits and some future ones that were not out yet.

You need to have an account to download.

You'll need to have the pre order and season 1 DLC to use this.

If you're pirating please don't ask where to place the file, I don't know.

Drop the .dat file into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxxx\816020\remote" 

2.05 - Save file with all costumes for version 2.05


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  1. hello, thank you soo much for your hard work, can you add me on discord ? Denver3D#3739

  2. KillerB says:

    its great but the problem is i have the cracked jump force so i cant do it

    1. supa91 says:

      tbh if ur pirating, just put the save files in C:/816020/remote

      just delete ur prev save file and ur kind of good to go

      1. supa91 says:

        sorry for the late reply, but i saved the instructionbs previously

  3. isaac says:

    No me permite extraer el archivo que puedo hacer en ese caso?

  4. kevko76 says:

    Could you upload a new version of this save with these new items (2.06)

  5. pinoyden123 says:

    any new items for v3.00 with premium outfits?

Josou Kitsune
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January 29, 2021