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Custom Soundtrack Pack (BNHA,DBS,HxH + More)

I thought I might as well share the music pack I made featuring some of my favorite anime/video game tracks. As you can probably tell Im biased towards BNHA & DBS Soundtracks. Might as well call it a DBS/BNHA Pack lol

You may wanna mess with audio levels in-game since some tracks may be a bit quiet. (to preserve audio quality)

Custom Track List:
Character Select - Hero A v2 (BNHA)
Lobby  - Hero A (BNHA)
Training Stage - Yu Gi Oh OP 
Matterhorn - Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix
New York - BNHA Villains Theme 
Hong Kong  - You Say Run (BNHA)
Paris  - (1.0) DBS Battle Theme (Unbreakable determination )/ (2.0) DBS Ultra Instinct Theme
Mexico  - DBS Battle of Gods Theme (HERO -Kibou no uta-.)
Japan  - Face my Fears (Kingdom Hearts 3 Theme) 
San Fransisco - BNHA S3 OP "Odd Future"
New Zealand - BNHA Ending Theme "Heroes" 
Namek  - Genkai Toppa × Survivor (DBS)
Hidden Leaf Village - Blinded by Light (FFXIII)
Marineford - HxH OP 
Main Theme - (1.0) Default/ (2.0) Somnus (FFXV Main Theme)
Creating Character - (1.0) Default/ (2.0) FFXV Menus Theme

Previous Versions:
Version 1.0 Download

Thanks @GenocideDoug , to make your own soundtrack pack check out his Video Tutorial

Suggest a Soundtrack in the comments below & I may add it in an update!

drop "900000_ResidentBGM.awb" in


***Make sure you backup your original file just in case you want to revert to the original BGM


  • Intial Release


  • Lowered a few loud track's audio levels (Hero A, Hero A v2, HERO -Kibou no uta-, You Say Run, Blinded by Light)
  • Replaced "DBS Battle Theme (Unbreakable determination )" with "DBS Ultra Instinct Theme" for Paris
  • Added FFXV Menus for Creating Character & Somnus (FFXV Theme) for Main Theme


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March 24, 2019