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Event rewards/Premium Costumes in the normal Shop and Easy Achievements

This mod makes the Event Rewards and Premium Shop costumes available in the normal Shop, just in the main lobby shop, plus upgrade items: Energies and Cubes in the Items tab. And made the most useful Ability Skills, that only drop on Free Missions RNG, purchasable in all the Shops, different ones in each shop.

Also unlocked the red and white thigh highs to be selectable and not tied to the latest Xmas reward and a hidden face tattoo.

And finally all achievements that require online activity can be unlocked by doing 10 Emotions.

Uncompress the .7z file and merge the provided mods folder with yours.


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  1. Wooooow goddamn i never thought this was posible thank you so much it really really works gracias totales !

  2. Noememo says:

    Can you do it with the cracked game?

    1. it works as long you have the latest version of the game.

  3. lostMEMORY says:

    Can u make one for team Gamma(naruto team)
    if its posible?

  4. killerQueen says:

    excusme how to install it? please explain in more detail

  5. ComandTr says:

    how to and where to install ? there no info about that ? sorry for bed England.

    1. Enma says:

      After you DL. Extract and go to your Jump Force folder / JUMPFORCE / content / Paks

      In the PAK folder create [~mods] then put the .pak and .sig you extracted inside
      right click and refresh then you’re done. GG

  6. Enma says:

    Yo Josou I can’t find Law’s Hat and Grimmjow’s Accesory. Any tips?

  7. Rob says:

    Could you update it to include stuff recently added? like solar flare and other cosmetics?

  8. SylverZ says:

    The mod seems to crash my game in more recent version, if you have a save file for the 3.00 update, it will be awesome ! Thank you

  9. pinoyden123 says:

    i hope you update this on v3.00

  10. Louis883Grz says:

    sorry, after download and extract in the ~mods folder, doesn’t works, how i do? maybe for update 3.0.0?

  11. using this crashes the game instantly

  12. pinoyden123 says:

    Please fix this, it crashes when starting the game

Josou Kitsune
  • 3uploads
April 24, 2021