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Event rewards/Premium Costumes in the normal Shop and Easy Achievements

This mod makes:

  • The Event Rewards, Premium Shop costumes and every attack available in the normal Shop, on the main lobby, Beta and Gamma shop. (Not all the attacks work well on the CAC.)
  • Upgrade items: Energies and Cubes buyable in the Items tab of the main shop.
  • Most useful Ability Skills, that only drop on Free Missions RNG, purchasable in all the Shops, different ones in each shop. Every Ability Skill can be equipped in any Ability.
  • Temari's leg mesh cloth, the red and white stripped and the white thigh highs to be selectable in the Special costumes and a hidden face tattoo.
  • Kaiba, Itachi and Jiraiya's hair w/out the protector selectable in hairstyles section. Jiraiya's hair is non colorable
  • All hairs available for male and female CAC
  • Outfits not unselect each other.
  • Unlocks the Emotions from the Premium Shop.
  • And finally all achievements can be unlocked by doing 10 Emotions.

Uncompress the .7z file and merge the provided mods folder with yours.

Josou Kitsune
  • 5uploads
December 9, 2021


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  1. Wooooow goddamn i never thought this was posible thank you so much it really really works gracias totales !

  2. Noememo says:

    Can you do it with the cracked game?

    1. it works as long you have the latest version of the game.

  3. lostMEMORY says:

    Can u make one for team Gamma(naruto team)
    if its posible?

  4. killerQueen says:

    excusme how to install it? please explain in more detail

  5. ComandTr says:

    how to and where to install ? there no info about that ? sorry for bed England.

    1. Enma says:

      After you DL. Extract and go to your Jump Force folder / JUMPFORCE / content / Paks

      In the PAK folder create [~mods] then put the .pak and .sig you extracted inside
      right click and refresh then you’re done. GG

        1. Mona says:

          To my current knowledge this mod does not work (for version 3.02) and WILL crash your game, regardless if you install it right or not.

  6. Enma says:

    Yo Josou I can’t find Law’s Hat and Grimmjow’s Accesory. Any tips?

  7. Rob says:

    Could you update it to include stuff recently added? like solar flare and other cosmetics?

  8. SylverZ says:

    The mod seems to crash my game in more recent version, if you have a save file for the 3.00 update, it will be awesome ! Thank you

  9. pinoyden123 says:

    i hope you update this on v3.00

  10. Louis883Grz says:

    sorry, after download and extract in the ~mods folder, doesn’t works, how i do? maybe for update 3.0.0?

  11. using this crashes the game instantly

  12. pinoyden123 says:

    Please fix this, it crashes when starting the game

  13. Incredabun says:

    Have you updated this with the new shop?

  14. Kojouro says:

    Crashes, please fix when you can!

  15. Seishu says:

    When i add this mod to my game folder, it’s make it crash at the launch.. 🙁

  16. dragonclaw says:

    Have you any intention of updating this mod?
    Do you want to wait till later?
    Have you abandoned it?
    Anyway would be great if it would be updated sometime in the future

  17. TwinbeeMkII says:

    I suppose I also wonder if this will be updated, especially with the game soon to be delisted, and this mod may be the only change to unlock some of these items.

  18. peachboy says:

    I downloaded latest update and installed in mods folder but the items don’t appear in the regular shops? Any help much appreciated

  19. This is amazing =D however, it seems not everything is unlocked =O For example I can’t find any of the hair styles you described (neither Kaiba, Itachi nor Jiraiya) neither in any of the shops, nor in the hair style selection. Also, things like SSJ Goku Hair, Goku Black Rose hair etc. are also not avaiable =O
    will this mod be updated maybe one last time? =)

    1. mew123 says:

      How did you manage to install the mod?

  20. Koden X says:

    I’m trying to download the mod. I download it anf put it in my mods folder but it will not work

  21. reiyichi says:

    Unfortunately splitting the upper torso from lower torso for more customization options sounds like a great idea on paper, except that in practice it breaks every full body costume in the game. Now most of you may be thinking, “So what! More customization!” and I would tend to agree, except for some full body dresses being broken on female characters now, such as the Dark Magician Girl outfits, and that one black dress with the curled pointed toed boots that go with it… I do not like this at all as none of the bottoms I have found were able to look any good with it.

    Either they clip, or they are too long or both.

    1. reiyichi says:

      Edit: I now see what you did, clever. You split the shops up into different categories… The main shop by the premium being the new offline premium shop, and to get the rest of the outfit parts go to the Gamma shop… I have yet to check the alpha and beta ones but I am guessing those are now the regular shop items?

      1. yo have you tried it does the mod still work?

      2. Drag02 says:

        Does it work for you? For me there’s no change with the game

  22. is this mod going to be updated with recent new drop items? also it doesnt work

  23. dragonclaw says:

    Would love to see an update if you have time

  24. mew123 says:

    Version 3.01? If so how to install? I’m getting an error

  25. BlackH says:

    uhh this mods make my game crash on 3.0.2 game version now

  26. Mona says:

    Hello, not sure if the creator has seen the dozens of comments addressing this issue or not; regardless, this mod (for version 3.02 of the game) DOES NOT WORK, regardless if it’s even installed correctly. It will crash your game. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Josou Kitsune
  • 5uploads
December 9, 2021

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