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Giorno English Dub Voice Mod

Giorno at your earliest convenience.


Thank Josh (Joshdaboss123) for this timely well made mod.


Unfortunately as of releasing this the final 3 lines in the ultimate refuse to be solely in English. Hopefully with some monitoring this issue can be fixed in the coming days. Other then that I'd say Giorno turned out pretty well!



Extract the zip folder and put it in ~mods.

Version 1.1:

  • Fixed Giorno's ultimate attack voice files.


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  1. Aye wsp now that Giorno is here i hope to see a mod turning Giorno suit pink like on the Anime xd that would be cool xd just saying if any modder see this

  2. Rob says:

    I checked out the updated one, while everything else sounds better, the mudas and wryy in the muda rush somehow sound even worse

  3. Mudkip97 says:

    “YOU SHALL NEVER REACH YOUR DESTINATION” was in English, now it’s not for some reason after he latest update.

  4. BlazeBringer says:

    this needs to be fix, beacuse my game keeps crashing on this mod

    1. Shamasaurus says:

      Does it? Oh well. Terrible character I swear. Nothing but issues. You should see the way his files look when repacking. Ive never seen such complexity in my life. You see in the test vid up top? How the ultimate has the Japanese line mixed in? That became outdated and in the current mod its been removed albeit through an insane manner of complication like I mentioned. Maybe that’s why ur game keeps crashing. Just ignore using him or delete the mod. Don’t know what else to tell you bro. Luckily I could care less about Giorno or pick him so doesn’t bother me much lmao 😉

      1. jump force says:

        giono english mod its not working 3.0 ang 2.06 version how to fix?

      2. BlazeBringer says:

        u fixed it thank u so much
        i love what u do

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September 9, 2021