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Kefla + Majin21

-Literally Just fixed the color of the bracelets pls Ignore pic above

Kefla over Mydori

Majin21 over Hisoka


Majin21&Kefla have AMAZING voice work done by Lean, to whom I apologize if you want me to put a specific username of yours or even your real name just let me know.

Also there is a "Caulifla over Mydori" included as well, because I am a moron who started this project without having realized it was not Kefla... And I already done the model port and set up so I figured I'd just add it in just cause XD

The Voices are seperated in case another patch cause problems so they can be easily troubleshooted. 

Also do not run the Included Caulifla at the same time as the Kefla since they are both over Mydori.

-Fixed Upload And the gloves displayed Color

I will be adding a changed pose for Majin21's tail at a later date, as well as other possible fixes.

The tail update will be updated as a seperate mod entirely so you can choose to go back to this pose if you end up liking it better.... And this probably isnt the right spot to put this information in??? meh


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