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Kizuna AI

I did this mod to test the facial morphs, but it ended up looking funny so i decided to release it.


This mod has:

  • Working Eyes
  • Complete Lip-Sync + some facial morphs
  • Custom UI Elements
  • a very cheap hair movement
  • Outlines

and yeah i know that the arms look weird

If you find any glitches or mistakes in this mod, please leave a comment.


This model is NOT mine and is from MMD, it is owned by its creators (Morikura En, Tomitakem, Tda and anyone else that was involved in the project.)

The character image in the loading screen was made by "ZRehman11" (

This mod WILL be removed if the original creators of the models request so.

For the latest version of the game:

Take the "Kizuna AI" folder that is inside the "New Install (Latest Jump Force Version)" folder and drop it in the "~mods" folder.


For older version of the game:

Take the "chr0410_P.pak" that is inside "Old Install (Older Jump Force Versions)/~mods" and drop it into your "~mods" folder.


1.05 HotFix

 - Fixed flipped UV's in the gloves

 - New Character Icon


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