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Sandai Kitetsu replaces Energy Sword

Ever want to be a cool swordsman in Jump Force just to find out the CaC doesn't even use a proper sword for sword skills?

Have you ever looked at that glowing mess of an energy sword the game gives you and thought "Wow, I really wish this was a katana!"?

Well, here at Fatguy Incorporated, we have solved this issue. Introducing: Gigo's Amazing Energy Sword Replacement! (Name subject to change). Instead of the default energy sword, you instead get access to Zoro's Sandai Kitetsu! Ain't that cool? (Yes it is why is this even a question.)

The mod also allows you to choose between two textures: One based on fire and the other based on lightning. Lightning being a bit more erratic than fire (duh).

1. Make sure you have EasyAntiCheat disabled. You can find a link to it at the end of this.

2. Create a folder called "~mods" inside "GAMEFOLDER\JUMP_FORCE\Content\Paks" on your Jump Force folder. Should be something like "GAMEFOLDER\JUMP_FORCE\Content\Paks\~mods" by the end.

3. Put the two pak files that are inside "0. INSTALL THIS FIRST" into your ~mods folder.

4. Open "1. Texture Choice" and choose either "Fire" or "Electricity" for your sword, throw your chosen one inside the ~mods folder as well. YOU CAN NOT HAVE BOTH OF THESE INSTALLED AT THE SAME TIME.

That should be it.

Disable EAC: Unfortunately on newer versions of Jump Force you'll also need a .sig file which I sadly can not provide, but you can probably find some help on how to easily get one on the Discord.


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  1. ryze20k says:

    hi, this is my first time using a mod can someone tell me how.

  2. the mod crashes my game whenever i have it installed, did i do something wrong? i followed the instructions correctly from my understanding. . i hope you get back to me on this

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February 22, 2019