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Xeno Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Finally at long last he is here. Super saiyan 4 Vegeta arrives in Jump Force! He also has his Xeno clothes from Super dragon ball Heroes for his base, Super Saiyan 1 & 4 forms. This is a massive release so if you'd like to play with it yourself you can get the mod on my Patreon:)

Same as always


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      1. Charging for a mod? LOL Petty, I hope namco hits you with a lawsuit.

        1. zekken1 says:

          You clearly don’t know about teh Xenoverse modding scene, just look up xenoverse modders on patreon tehy have been going at it for a long time before i even started modding. I am not even teh first person to charge for Jump Force mods.

          Patreon is customary for modders you even have it Super smash bros mods, just check it out and you’ll see for yourself.

          And for the lawsuit thingy…… yh i dont think Bandai even wants to spend money to sue each & every modder out there XD

          1. You dont know how law suits work on a mass scale huh? and just because someone does one thing you go and do the same shit? So if someone stole a package you’ll go out and steal them also? Loser, ill just get your mod and reupload it for free, with that ignorance

          2. JDOGGOKUSSJ2 says:

            yeah it’s a shitty thing charging for mods, eventually will
            be found out by the company and be forced to take it down
            and just because someone else did it don’t make it right.
            also most of the community won’t back you as its clear you only
            care about monetary gain and not providing great content
            then you got the people who will buy it and repost it elsewhere.

          3. ayowill33 says:

            How much for mod characters?

          4. Abagofbabies says:

            I did mod my Xenoverse 2 with nearly 1000 mods and there is barely anyone charging for mods, usually they give the mod for free and simply ask if you like it to support them on patreon, forcing someone to pay for A mod they may or may not like is scummy since they obviously won’t know if they like it until they try it out.

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April 16, 2021