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I’ve been trying all day to make a decent Batman outfit. This is what I finished with. There are a few things that need doing to it, but I have no idea how to go about it. I only started modding today. So if anyone knows a bit about modding, help would be appreciated.  The […]

Batman Parachute v1.0

EDIT: Download the latest version here! -> Note: this replaces the Chaos Parachute, not the default one!   I will keep working on the skin to make it nicer looking and I will also make other versions. (Modern Batman parachute, etc..)  Install instructions: – Go to your default Just Cause 2 directory and create a folder […]

Batman Parachute v2.0

As promised, here is the newer better looking version of the old school Batman logo parachute. Note: this replaces the Chaos Parachute, not the default one!  You can now download an early version of the modern looking Batman parachute here! ->  If you want me to keep making parachute skins please rate and comment. […]

Modern Batman Parachute v1.3

As promised to FilipVess, here is the modern looking version of the Batman parachute. It still needs a little more work tough but this will be it for today. 🙂 Stay tuned for a better quality version! Old-school version ->  Install instructions: – Go to your default Just Cause 2 directory and create a […]


Yes, this is another skin from the new Batman film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Now I have created a Catwoman skin so that you can dominate Panau in style! I’ve created a very simple mod, but I hope that you like it. I’ve put in a couple of details like a belt and a zipper, […]


This is a Nightwing from Batman. The skin is a modifided version of Green Lantern iby mumpster. You don’t need that skin to use this one! To install just extract the files into your “dropzone” folder and enjoy! Please rate!

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