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Just Cause 2 – Ultimate Modpack

Hello Stranger,

Welcome, to the biggest modpack for Just Cause 2, I spent a lot of time to create it, so take your time to read the list down below

Here's a list of all the features in this modpack:

  • Better Graphics: Updated Cloud System, Sky, Water Textures, Terrain Textures, Increased range of view, Some weapon textures are updated too, to get higher texture resolution, wave system was a little bit changed, so you can see the river in the east side of Panau actually flow (at least a little bit) and bigger and more realistic explosions
  • Better Gunplay: Almost every gun got a few changes and First Person On Aim & In Vehicles when pressing your "Aim" Button!
  • Better Weapon Upgrade System: You can cleary see a difference when upgrading a weapon (.50 Cal on every weapon when on level 5 and many more...)
  • Better Movement System: I've included my realistic walking mod (I think it's stupid, when Rico is always jogging)
  • Better Blackmarket System: ZXZ's Blackmarket Mod is included
  • Better World System: More Vehicles, Boats, Civillians, Planes and Creatures (like Insects, Birds and Fishes) will spawn when you are driving around in the beatiful world of Panau
  • Better AI & Heat System: AI Combat Behaviour was changed (sort of), so they will go into cover when badly wounded (They are going into cover too slowly so they will probably die), during pursuit they are trying to push you of the road and civillians won't leave their cars when a gun was shot, they will scream in fear and drive away fast. I've included the panau police mod, with the soldiers wearing police uniforms. Normal Police Officers mostly carrying pistols or revolvers, elites carrying assault rifles or shotguns.
  • Active World (sort of): I've tried to make some random events (like a civillian car crash alongside the road) encounter you, but they will mostly not spawn. But the things that will occure are: Factions will spawn in heavily armored vehicles, helicopters and boats to fight the police, while Police vs. (for example) Ular Boys is happening, there might be a vehicle of the other factions join the fight and will fight the police and the other faction on the battlefield (Battles like: Police vs. Ular Boys vs. Roaches). Its a war between the 3 factions, that want to take over the control over the island, and the Panauan Police, that wants to have a strict control over the citizens and on Salad Island (The Island in the Top Right Corner of Panau) there's a 24/7 war between police officers and factions.
  • Better Rico: He got a bullet proof vest on, and a white t-shirt and a blue jeans. He also visited the barber and got his hair done.!29wjXIhB!D2eSIj5aIsKsR6guMYwo_6EWp0Z7yVHB4GxAMp1vh2E


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