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Panau (almost) untouched Save Game

Saved Game file, Casual difficulty.

46% complete.

All destructibles left untouched EXCEPT for 2 silos and 1 Baby Panay statue that are coded to blow during the 1st mission "Welcome to Panau", AND except for hostile SAMS (all destroyed). All friendly SAMs are still intact and on your side, including those at Ken Gunung Raya. All Colonels still alive and waiting for you to pay them a visit.

All weapons and vehicles fully upgraded, ~2800000 cash. All collectible items collected except for the Armor piece inside the beached whale. Starting weapons are SMG, sawn-off shotgun, and Machine Gun, all weapons/explosives at full ammo.

Agency Mission 'Into the Den' is still good to go, so anyone wanting to say hi to Baby Panay can still do so - leaving him alive will also stop the annoying announcements whenever you trash something on Mercenary Mode. Most faction missions still available, except for 5: Reapers missions Clear Skies, Hell on Wheels, Checking the Menu; and Roaches Missions Keeping the Flow, The Red or the Blue One. Had to finish a few Faction missions to upgrade all the guns without taking out Baby Panay, so tried to choose the least fun/destructive missions (and Clear Skies for the friendly SAM launchers).


Big thanks to the guys/gals responsible for the JC2 Map Viewer and No Black Market Cutscenes mods for making this possible and/or way more convenient, and to Square Enix for making this amazingly fun game. Anyway, hope it works OK and have fun!


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