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Quapaw Transport *FIXED DOWNLOAD LINK*

This is the mod that was made by cruiserlck, (thank you very much btw) but sadly, the download link that he provided was broken.

So here it is.


After looking through NoiZ's mod for the civilian helicopter and a couple days of trial and error, we have a working transport helicopter. I have also increased the durability some to help out incase there's any collisions.

  It will lift anything up to the big jets. But a few tips...

Because the lift had to be increased sooo much, don't just wildy mash on increase throttle. You will gain alot of alttitude quickly. This is not to say it doesn't fly as well without a slung load as it does with, it's just lifting less mass/weight.

Lifting really long objects/vehicles needs a bit of caution. The length of the transport is quite long and if you don't lift off into the air slowly, you could be wearing what you're trying to carry. Try tapping increase throttle until you are over the load.

It takes a bit getting used too because it does differ from the stock helos a bit, but it's nothing that makes it a hassle to fly.

A BIG thanks to NoiZ for making the first lift all Helo, without his files I wouldn't have figured this out. Enjoy!!





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