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The Nargonian Super Mod Pack

This is it. You wanted it, Now you got it. The perfect mod pack. Let's Take a Look, shall we?

THE FORCE/AIRZOOKA- All you gotta do is go tho the black market and grab a Bubble Gun. This mod makes it untextured, Making it invisible, Making it Awesome. It is just an air cannon.

SUPER CAR-Grab a Super Sportscar from the Black Market. This thing is a BEAST, with invincibility, the ability to FLOAT, Super Speed, And the ability to........CLIMB WALLS!! Well not Walls walls... anyting under a 90 Degree Angle. But it's still awesome.

FLYING- This is the most useful mod you will ever use, GUARANTEED. This mod replaces the Parachute for a Flying ability. Just press space while falling to fly. You can speed up by holding Shift

SUPER SPEED- So... Its A really fast sprint. That's it. Moving on.

And Finally.....THE BLACK MARKET MOD- This mod puts absolutely everything imaginable into the Black Market. And everything's Free. Go wild.

I should probably Mention that these are NOT original, but have been tweaked to all work together well

I also recomend having BoloPatch.

Well that's it. Go CRAZY. Cause some CHAOS. GET WILD

All of these mods have been tweaked so that you can easily delete anything you don't like.

Just download the pack to your Dropzone*, Extract it, And have fun.


If it doesn't work, try taking the individual mods out of the Mod Pack Folder, and put them strait in the Dropzone folder.


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