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100% Savegame including DLCs. Guide Included

After looking over the site, I've found it hard to get a 100% savegame that works and/or is actually 100%, so here is a 100% complete save game, including gear mods and all 3 DLCs completed.

Its also shown to be quite hard to understand how to add the savegames. I've tried to make it easy to understand. A guide for how to use the savegame is in the installation section and on a .txt file in the .zip folder. Reminder: This does not work if you do not have the DLCs.



If you have the steam version, in your [This PC > Documents > Square Enix > Just Cause 3] folder there will be a saves folder. If there isn't, just start up the game and it will appear. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In this saves folder will be a unique ID to your Steam Profile that specifically your game uses. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rename the folder that you installed called "Rename this Folder" to this ID so that the game uses it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Keep your ID in a notepad or document, just in case you delete it and lose it. If you do lose it, start a new game and finish the first mission, and a new folder named it will appear. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER NAMED "0": This contains your preferred settings, including your keybinds. Delete the folder with your steam id in your saves folder and replace it with the folder you just renamed to this ID. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now reload the game, and you will have a fully completed save!

well...nothing here


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  1. xcamjamx says:

    it says that i need to install the sky fortress dlc and i forgot to backup my orgianl game files so i pretty much screwd up and thats my own fault bc i forgot to backup my game files

    1. aversaphid says:

      “i need to install the sky fortress dlc” yes, this is a full dlc only save file, so you can’t use normal game.

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August 25, 2021