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Fully Completed JC3 Save Game

100% Completed -

Main Story

All DLCs

All Rebel Drops

All Challenges

All DLC Challenges

& All The Other Stuff (EveryThing)

*One I Would Like To Make Clear Is That I Have Also Completed All Of My Achievements In This, So This Save Might Unlock Them For You...

I Am Really Sorry As I Forgot To Add This But You Must Do One More Simple Task

1 - Before Pasting The File Go To This Location (C:Users####DocumentsSquare EnixJust Cause 3Saves), You've Must Have To At Least Start The First Mission To Have A File Here.

2 - There Would Be A File In Here With A Long Text Of Number, This Is Your UNIQUE Account Id.

3 - Click Rename On The Folder And (Ctrl+C) The File's Name.

4 - Paste It As The Name Of The Save Game You Downloaded.

5 - So Now The File's Name Should Be Same As Your Old One But Content Would Be Different.

6 - Paste The File In Here - (C:Users####DocumentsSquare EnixJust Cause 3Saves)

7 - Boot Up The Game & Enjoy 100%.



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  1. kvass says:

    when i load in it says i need to have the DLC what do i do?

    1. Azzy_VGM says:

      @kvass – This save game is only for the XXL edition which contains all the dlcs as well & i have completed them 100% as well, So you will have to try another one with the base game only.

      here i gotchu try this one –

      Instructions – Just Paste The “Just Cause 3” Folder Into – C:Users/####/Documents/Square Enix

      1. vgav says:

        The Zippyshare link says File does not exist on this server

  2. ItzzXenny says:

    Why does it start me from the beginning plane mission again?

    1. it does the same to me too. it doesnt see the save files for some reason i guess?

  3. Raph9213 says:

    Hey, do you know how to change the rebell drop button? i don’t have a button 5 on my mouse ^^

  4. adadwasdad says:

    Should i just drop it into the game files then complete the first mission then will it work?

  5. to clarify for those of you not understanding the hashtags part of the installation thats supposed to be your username for your pc

  6. vgav says:

    When I Copied The Save To The Saves Folder And Start The Game It Starts Me From The Beginning Again
    Can Anyone Fix This?

  7. isaliaquat says:

    Thanks for this. I like to mess about in JC3

  8. aversaphid says:

    I’ve managed to load in with the save file, but all the gear mods are still locked despite having all the gears. Anyone got a fix?

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