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JC Modding Companion App (1.75) (11 languages)


The JC Modding Companion is a tool that was disgned to fight against time-consumming modding tasks that are sometimes hard to do.


The 1.75 version of the tool comes with 3 main categories in the left scrollable frame :

  1. DATA MODDING which contains 4 sub-categories on a main theme, text elements of the game :

    •  BATCH ADF CONVERTER to convert any text files in a JC format (vmodc, wtunec, bin...) as xml and fully read-able text files, it uses tools and exes developped by Gibbed and UnknownMiscreant.
    • HASH TOOLS simple process that can convert strings as hashes (Jenkins Lookup3 and MurMur3) useful in JC3 stats files, hex to dec is still available in the same tools frame.
    • AUTO FILES.XML that creates a xml file on the basis of the content of a folder, then the JC Modding Companion will make it compatible with repackers.
    • GET SIZE AND EXTERNAL PATH simply get the size in bits of the selected file then it creates a external path for files.xml if this specific file is in the dropzone folder.
  2. RENDERING TOOLS useful to make textures faster :

    • DDS CONVERTER it's name is enough but it has some great options like compressing the dds to "ati2" for normals, dxt5 for alpha and changing normal map format.
    • PROPERTY MAP DESIGNER this one is probably the most complete including, metal property maps, chrome property maps and matte property maps options and a brillance level.
    • NORMAL MAP CONVERTER which redirect you to sites that can generate a normal map texture on the basis of a diffuse one.
    • DDSC TO sRGB Change the color space of ddsc textures to sRGB to avoid ultra bright textures in game that has been converted with the JC Model Renderer.
    • MODEL RENDERER AND DDSC CONVERTER Opens the JC Model Renderer by Aaron Kirkham.
  3. MOD INSTALLER  This one makes mods installation easier and faster :

    • DROPZONE SHORTCUT CREATOR which automatically generate a JC3 shortcut with dropzone arguments (a must to support dropzone folder).
    • MOD INSTALLER that allows you to install mod by selecting the archive (.zip, .7z) of it then moving the dropzone folder in it to your JC3 archive without overwriting the existing one but only adding it's content.

To select another category, you have to click on the already activated category again the choosing the other


Volume setting is available (by default its 0%), sounds are from the JC3 rebel drop


Current version :

version 1.75

Available Language(s) :

  • English
  • Français
  • Polski
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Português
  • Pусский
  • 中文
  • Türkçe
  • العربية

App size :

  • Setup (229,83 Mb)
  • Portable ZIP (372,39 Mb)
  • Extracted (943 Mb)

Works on (OS):

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10

Not tested but should work (OS):

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Don't work (OS):

  • Linux (may work with an emulator)
  • Mac OS (may work with an emulator)

CPU usage:

Processor : I7 - 11700h Min : 0% Average : 0.6% Max : 2%

RAM usage:

min : 52 Mb

average : 58 Mb

max : 120 Mb

Misc infos:


Needs network ?


Has a Setup wizard file


Has a portable zip


Needs requirements and what ?


Uses textures



The 1.5 version comes with updated screen support, now the software is able to run without any problem on any screens, even if are 8K, now screen ratios and GUI deformations problems are gone.

Code Infos:

Language : Python 100%

Used libraries :

  • gc
  • json
  • shutil
  • subprocess
  • threading
  • tkinter
  • zipfile
  • customtkinter
  • webbrowser
  • py7zr
  • PIL
  • ctypes
  • win32com.client
  • TkinterDnD2
  • os
  • pyperclip
  • mmh3

Code size :

25 .py files, ~4500 lines of code

Known Bugs :

  • The setting popup cannot appear on some computers for an unknown reason fixed
  • The text next to checkboxes does not appear on some computers for an unknown reason again fixed
  • On 1 of the 3 computers I've tested the software in, one of them (in windows 10) has windows defender that detects the JC Modding Companion has a potential virus, but no worries it's false-positive, you can open it without any problem
  • not really a bug but the title bar color can't be modified under Windows 11, by default it's normally acrylic black in Windows 10
  • bouttons can blink sometimes.


Thanks to :-D :

For the setup :

  1. run the exe then follow instructions

For the portable ZIP :

  1. run the exe

0.1 --- first and beta release, the software is not done.

0.2 --- second and beta release, the software has now two fixed bugs :

  • Checkboxes's text does not appear. Cause : missing customtkinter files
  • App settings won't open. Cause : wrong icon path

0.3 --- third and beta release, the software has received hashes tools :

  • the software can now convert strings in Jenkins Lookup3 hash (JC3 main hash) and MurMur3 (JC3 event hash)
  • still able to sign them automatically in complements as decimal values

1.0 --- fourth and official release, the software has multi-language support and themes (beta, very ugly atm)

1.5 --- fifth and official release :

  • The software is able to support any screen resolution now as well as ratios
  • Reworked GUI by replacing textures to reduce RAM consumption, the GUI looks almost the same but it feels cleaner and animations were added.
  • All buttons can now support themes colors, themes look better now
  • Removed installable fonts, they are now loaded at the start of the app it means that there isn't any requirements anymore.

1.6 --- bugs fixes :

  • Fixed dds converter that didn't work before, cause: absolute path instead of relative.

1.75 --- improvements for the dds converter and bugs fixes :

  • added an option to add a suffix and/or a prefix in the texture name when exported
  • improved compatibility with images
  • dds files can now be converted in the "is directx normal" option when selected

In the future:

  •  The tool will come with a fresh and very advanced mod installer
  • maybe more languages (indian languages, more european one's)
  • Free Just Cause 3 python tools on github from this app
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Credit given to modders
UnknownMiscreant, Neam, Gibbed, Aaron Kirkham
July 4, 2024


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Credit given to modders
UnknownMiscreant, Neam, Gibbed, Aaron Kirkham
July 4, 2024

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