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Just Cause: Bavarium Chaos

Welcome to Just Cause: Bavarium Chaos. After many months in development, and much time in conception, it is exciting to announce the mod's completion and bring this experience to you. This is a balanced overhaul of the base game content that takes the utmost advantage of JC3's heat, weaponry, and mobility to create the ultimate challenge.

-What's included?-

--Overpowered Arsenal, balanced to fight the enemy onslaught and create mayhem. Just about every gun you can get your hands on has been uniquely tweaked to fulfill a particular, threatening role. Whether it be physics-breaking shotguns, multi-shot automatic rifles, explosive railgun pistols, or devastating, carpet-bombing grenade launchers, the player is encouraged to diversify and take advantage of the fullest extent of the inventory available.

--Ultimate Heat: pursuit from highly-armored military personnel, mounted guns, APCs, heavy minigun choppers, bavarium tanks & helicopters, mechs, drones, and more. As soon as reinforcements are called, all hell is let loose. Only skill and persistence will help you survive the chaos. DEATH IS IMMINENT EVERY SECOND.

--Armed Forces: Soldiers have the same diverse array of weapons that you do. Hundreds of the strongest foes will hunt you down at once, fully equipped with mass-produced experimental rifles and pistols. One man is equally powerful to fearsome mechs and bavarium vehicles.

--Adversarial Presence: Military recon teams will ride around in civilian vechicles ambiently, patrolling the streets and taking out unsuspecting targets. Towns have become the central warzones for the factions. Nowhere is safe. Conquered bases are now battlegrounds wrought with rebel traitors and Black Hand agents.

--Lone Warrior: it's you against the world. Former friends and previous enemies are pitted against one other in a race to claim Medici and rule the globe with the power of bavarium. This is the war to end all.

--Mobility: You are now in possession of a bavarium wingsuit that accelerates like a jet. With practice, it is easy to control. Use the air break for safe landing and quick turning. This modification will test your skills and reflexes considerably. Stay mobile - keep running, grappling. and wingsuiting as standing still will kill you.


1. Avoid the Commlink. To create as immersive of an experience as possible, everything you need can be found by scavenging. Most weapons can be found on enemies while some are exclusive to the racks. There are far more vehicles traversing the roads as well. Get to searching. Also, try playing without reticles.

2. Knowing is half the battle. The original gameplay has been significantly overhauled, so it's time to learn again. While many of the weapons are equally deadly, all of them are necessary for defeating specific gameplay challenges and filling slots. Become familiar with what each gun does and be prepared to construct a basic loadout. Physics weapons can also be distinguished from non-force-based equipment via the smoke trails.

3. Versatility is everything. Use your envionment. There are advantages to the air and the ground. Given that you are flanked on all sides, it's important to know when to run and when the fly. Whenever you are inside of a town or base, it's a good idea to wage war on foot. In open territories it is better to stay above ground or on top of a car. While in the base game vehicles serve not much purpose, here they provide a powerful medium between land and air be it a getaway exit or a force of reckoning.

4. Mechs. Perhaps the toughest vehicle you will come up against. While seemingly invulnerable, you need the right guns. Mechs are immune to all projectiles, but with enough explosive pressure, will combust. They are also weak to falls and will break down as soon as they hit the ground. If you wish to hijack a mech, remember that when one is destroyed its GRIP contains a limited-use Powercore.

5. Chaos. This modification has deathwish difficulty. The stronger the chaos, the less you'll die. Foot infantry can end you instantly, so never let them mobilize. It is much easier to trigger intense Heat. There are many more surprises to discover. The world is burning before you.


All files and folders are already prepared for immediate setup, simply drag and drop the contents of the .zip into your Just Cause 3 installation directory.

**"DLCPacker.exe" must be run initially during installation of my mod, otherwise it will not function! In order to locate this file, scroll to any of the dlc dropzone folders (eg dropzone_sky_fortress) and double click the executable**

REQUIRED: ALL STORY DLC (Sky Fortress + Mech Land Assault + Bavarium Sea Heist)

-Capstone Bloodhound RPG DLC

-Final Argument Sniper Rifle DLC

-(Future content pending)

As always, in order to activate the ability to mod the game, go to the Properties of the game, then to Set Launch Options, and enter this command without quotes: "--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs ."

NOTE: This modification is intended for endgame replayability, do not attempt to use with the campaign, as everything will break. For new players: if you would like to immediately begin, download a 100% completion savefile such as It is absolutely safe, however, for all the outposts, towns, bases, etc. to be re-oppressed.

!: It is highly advised you run this mod collection from a fresh slate (no previously installed mods) so that there are no conflicts! If you wish to modify the game afterwards, there are two folders you should be aware modifying will drastically change the experience: 1. Anything in the 'settings' folder (some vehicle/weapons/etc mods that require you overwrite a spawn_*_defs file, related to weapon diversity, enemy type spawns, vehicle spawns, etc.) 2. Anything in the 'global' folder (traffic density, heat spawns) 3. The 'editor' folder which contains the entirety of the weapon modifications.

!²: Things such as the videos (no intro), profile (commlink items), and ui (no blood on edge of screen) folders are not terribly important. The goal of this mod relates to weapons and heat - there are innumerable things unaccounted for. Use sense when replacing files. Anything that doesn't need to be replaced can be added in.

**"DLCPacker.exe" must be run initially during installation of my mod, otherwise it will not function! In order to locate this file, scroll to any of the dlc dropzone folders (eg dropzone_sky_fortress) and double click the executable**



If you plan to make a video review about this mod, please be sure to give proper credit - that is linking this page - or atleast the mod website, so that viewers may know where to download this modification and provide feedback on this work.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the mod experience or wish to show your appreciation, please leave a comment below!



Statement from the Mediterranean Relief Coalition, 2016:

"In the wake of the present Bavarium Crisis, there have been mounting concerns regarding our ability to further protect the archipelago of Medici from its aggressors. It is of utmost despair today that we must inform the world we are no longer capable of ensuring the security and longevity of the Medician people. Alongside the withdrawal of aid from foreign powers, it is now unfeasible for allied nations to support and put an end to the violence with the presence of the current occupiers. Until there is international agreement, reestablished communication, and an organized relief plan, Medici has been officially declared a warzone and a territory of abandon. May we share prayers for the recovery and safety of the victims of this disaster."

After the fall of the Di Ravello Regime, peace never came to Medici. The celebrations of victory guised the remains of the military and the appearance of the Black Hand as they bombarded eDEN's long lost infrastructure, scouring for technology and data. The now crumbling military, the authority of the lawless rebels, and the increasing arrival of Black Hand troops has lead to a viscious conflict, each side racing to harness the potential of bavarium and control the last remaining deposits. Despite the futile attempts to maintain order within ranks, every man fights for himself.

Weapons of extraordinary nature have laid waste to the homeland as faction researchers have made final breakthroughs, integrating the element's capabilities into handheld weaponry. Caught between this struggle, the citizenry have become casualities of an all-out genocide to dominate the islands' resources single-handedly. The war is endless, and there is only one man who can put a stop to the chaos.

Rico, the sole protector left alive, must fight to take back Medici for the people. Today is the day you strike back the terror. Against impossible odds, this is the utlimate test of skill and perseverance. Equipped with an extensive arsenal of overpowered guns and an upgraded jetpack, it's time to become the firestarter once more and save the world from itself.



This concludes everything you need to know about the mod. Thank you so much to everyone in the Just Cause community! I would especially like to praise Protato and LukeJC for inspiring many of us to create what we have, for providing me with the files needed to begin my project, and for being upstanding supporters of this franchise.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the mod experience or wish to show your appreciation, please leave a comment below!




-In order to create a superior and more complete experience for this modification, some sourcing was necessary. Everything else (weapons, enemy spawns, heat, traffic, etc.) is of original creation.


DEVELOPMENT: (wouldn't be possible without) (for many of the base files) (the concept that began this mod) (the inspiration that started it all)


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November 9, 2020