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Medici Warzone (for P1.05)

UPDATED 02/03/2019 - added difficulties in different subfolders

This is a test mod, Medici Warzone, for JC3 v1.05. It is intended for end-game, so I'd recommend beating the story mode (I'm currently testing this out on a fresh playthrough). Throughout your travels in Medici, mixed in normal civilian traffic you'll get some random vehicles filled with enemies with various weapons causing chaos. Inside settlements, outside them, liberated ones even. Hang out near a liberated police station and they'll show up. Spawned enemies won't attack you unless provoked. They will attack rebels and civilians on sight. That allows you to build and lose heat, think of it more as a feature than a bug.  Also added, the Medici News helicopter will spawn and follow from heat1 onwards - rebels will attack it, also it will keep tabs on you as it's piloted by an enemy.



=================== Notes for Modders: ===================

Heat levels originally based on 'Heat Rebalanced' with mods for extended battles (otherwise you'll get to heat5 almost immediately, lol). Reinforcements will get called in more often. Total number of enemies slightly increased. Airvehicles allowed at heat1+ for the news/scout chopper (with modified aircraft defs file).

Global rules were added based on existing civilian traffic rules. Object ids changed to something unique, same with name. Occupant data modded to spawn random (weaker) grunts, and for weapons basic 1-handed/2-handed. Opted for shock trooper ai vs the generic soldier ai.

Heat rules (inside global dir) modified similar to global rules. Added rule for stand-alone news chopper, leaving the other helicopters intact. Modified tags in aircraft defs for news chopper to be generic enough not to be enemy-specific, but still not get shot down by other enemies.

If you have any heat mods, or mods that deal with aircraft defs - this will probably overwrite them. This is a test mod, works for me, however YMMV.

I think I left some comments in the XML files.  I'll try and tidy them up and add more to them.  Eventually I'll post something on the forums when I get some time.

PS. I've used this with vehicle, weather, ragdoll mod, weapons, rebel drop mods without issues - as they don't touch these files.

Mod Install:

  1. Locate your Just Cause 3 game files, and if you do not have a dropzone folder make it now.
  2. Unzip the archive to a seperate folder, like on your desktop.
  3. Inside where you unpacked the archive, there are 4 subfolders and this README file.
  4. Choose your poison (difficulty), copy the contents of your choice to your JC3 dropzone folder. *2yound2die - this is the 'easiest', based off stock heat/reinforcement settings *hurtmeplenty - more aggressive heat/reinforcement calls, not impossible and based somewhat off stock for clearing heat. *nightmare - this is the original release, very difficult, heavily reworked heat rebalanced settings. recommend drone/mech dlc, rebel drop mods for support. *zerofuego - this is a test, for zero heat. Technically you shouldn't build heat normally, some things may still cause it. not fully tested. -If you already have a folder there, merge with it. -If you are prompted to overwrite files, do it.
  5. Play the game! (If you need to set Launch Options, see below)

Setting Launch Options:

  1. Steam -> JC3 -> Properties -> 'Set Launch options'
  2. Copy this, including the . (dot/period) at the end: --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs .


EXPERIMENTAL TEST VERSION #02032019 -added 4 difficulties, separated by sub-folders, choose your poison when you install.

EXPERIMENTAL TEST VERSION #01292019 -initial release, tested stand-alone mod files and uploaded.


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