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No Rebel Drop Cooldowns for DLC

aardvaard has a perfectly functional, but slightly misleading mod that disables Rebel Drop cooldown timers for the latest version of the BASE game's drops - that is, it'll work fine on the Zabijak shotguns but not on the Kousava or the eDEN Drone or the mech. What they did was to update that file to work with the DLC-installed, post-update game, and that works as expected, but does not include the new items themselves.

So I've made a small edit to every DLC's item.onlinec files to apply the same effect to the DLC items - this is meant to be used with the mod titled "No Rebel Drop Timers (FIXED FOR DLC)" in order to have universally removed Rebel Drop timers.

Special thanks to Luke for saving me a lot of time digging through archives to find each of the files. I'm not a dedicated modder and simply wanted something to make life a little easier when summoning an army of flying death machines.

Copy all files to the root of your Just Cause 3 directory. Note: These files do not include the DLCPacker.exe required to repack all non-default dropzone folders (missile_mech, mech_dlc, scorpiongun, sea_heist, sky_fortress), so I highly recommend using Protato's pre-setup "Updated Folders & Install Help" file from this site to ensure you can update all your dropzones at once.

If your JC3 install isn't set up for mods, follow the instructions on aardvaard's file or Protato's.


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