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Save manager

This simple program allows to create a lot of save-data like in JC1, JC2 and JC4. Now you can save your progress, then load another one or start new game without lost your progress! Make sure you have a Steam-version of the game and you have any in-game (Just Cause 3) progress on your Steam-profile on your local computer.

This program supports English and Russian (Русский) Languages. Also you can set nickname for your Steam profile. It will be visible only in this program. Then you can recognize your Steam profile easier

Be quiet, this program can't get access to your Steam account

1. Download ZIP

2. Extract ZIP

3. Start program

4. Select your Steam profile (June 16th, 2020)

* Now you can see size of your savedata (June 7th, 2020)

* Fixed nicknames if you have 2 or more Steam profiles (June 1st, 2020)

* Now all saves must has 4 digits at number (0001, 0002, 0010, 0125)

* Small bug fix with saves list


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