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ultamite grapple mod

note if you are starting a new game, then u have to complete the second mission where you get the wingsuit and the new grapple

this mod lets you grapple as far as the world is loaded with no grapple delay like other mods so u wont have to wait like 5 seconds for the grapple to actually attach i also made every grapple feature extremely op like the tethers and such

you should know this by now


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  1. littllejimmy says:

    can’t get this one to work and there are no instructions lol oh well

    1. dont remember my password for the account I uploaded this with so I made a new one, my apologies. so if your having trouble getting it to work I apologize I dont know why it does that but if your sure you installed it right and your starting a new game you have to complete the 3rd mission where u get the new grapple and wingsuit then it should work no problem. if it still doesn’t work but other mods work u might have to either re-install my grapple mod or its interfering with other mods I will try to make a tutorial fix soon.

  2. if its not working then complete the mission where y get your wingsuit and then install it again and it should be fine

  3. debraj1997 says:

    is it help me to unlock all tether mods?

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May 21, 2020