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MediSea™: Water modifications

This mod contains a ton of fun stuff to mess around with!

From multiple tsunami flood heights, over an all new underwater car, waterfalls all the way to skylake stunt courses!

You get to choose what you want to play with! Below is everything this mod offers you:


This reduces the effect that waves have on your boats.

This removes the drowning sound and reduces the red flashes and blood stripes when you are drowning.

WARNING: you are not totally invincible. When installed, you cannot drown and bullets don’t harm you.
On the other hand, damage that normally instantly kills you (rockets, wingsuit crashes, etc) do kill you, but with a delay after the impact.

This replaces the normal monster truck with a version that can drive under water.
You can also choose to instal the version with a 1st person driving camera.

You can choose to instal one version inside this folder, they don’t work combined.
Each version adds something different. Depending on your choise the in-game map gets updated, showing new bodies of water.

– Water for swimming pools: This only fills up all swimming pools. All other versions have this included.

– Realistic floods: raise the sea level up to 25 meters. This won’t cause many problems with the game.

– Unrealistic floods: raise the sea level up to 3000 meters. WARNING: the higher floods can cause severe problems in the single player game.
Especially without invinciblity, you will die almost immediately because most spawn points are not far above sea level.
A good way to get up to the surface is to fast travel.

– Dryness (no lakes): lakes do no longer contain water.

– Waterfall rivers: adds two rivers with waterfalls in the East section of Insula Striate.
It may not look realistic, but it is fun to play around with. Locations are included, and also visible on the updated map. The location of the big river will be added soon to the in-game map.

– Sky lake race challenges: adds 2 race tracks made out of floating lakes above the statue in Citate di Ravello (capital) and the mountain.
Start at the big square lake, and try to race with a boat to the other side without falling off. The finish is also a big square lake. Locations are showed on the map.


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