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Just Cause 4 Unlimited Edition

Nobody wants to mod JC4, not even me, but I did it anyways

Welcome to Just Cause 4 Unlimited edition! A big modpack that gets rid of some big issues the game has out of the box, adds back unused content and a bunch of quality of life improvements!

  • Increased the Solis population and variety*
  • Increased heat spawns*
  • The game now starts with a random time (midnight, midday or dawn), instead of just the same midday it normally does. Time can also change when you fast-travel
  • The tornado and sandstorm will stay active after completing the game
  • Added several more spawn points when booting up the game
  • Greater enemy variety*
  • Added more Rico skins
    • JC5 concept, Agency, Terminator, Vadacat
  • Added more wingsuit and parachute skins
    • Bat wing, Green camo, Spray (previosly unused)
    • Terminator, Electro_, Vadact, Avalanche Studios
  • Enabled an unused mountain Hoverboard course
    • This course will unlock after taking over the first submarine
  • Rebels now have access to a few more powerful weapons
  • More vehicle variety
    • There's now all kinds of planes taking off at airports
    • Ferries and Spearheads can now spawn in ocean traffic
    • Cargo planes now appear in air traffic out at sea

  • Most vehicles now have Nitrous and Turbojump*
  • Vehicle ammo is now Unlimited
  • Turned the vehicle hood camera into an actual first person camera
    • Adjusted certain vehicle window textures for better visibility
  • Added missing cameras, like bumper cam to vehicles that were mising them (mostly helis and planes)
  • Unused sports cars have been brought back and now appear in traffic
    • This includes tuned versions of the of the Verdeleon Eco, Prisa Azor, Vistosa Supercar and Vagabundo buggy
    • They now also have a proper speedometer, name and icon in the UI
  • You will now find a new Agency boat parked around submarines that was previously unused
    • It's unlocked for supply drop after liberating the first submarine
  • The supply drop now sends you the unused rebel spearhead instead of the BH version
    • Corrected the BH version having a rebel icon in the speedo UI

  • Weapons now come with more ammo
  • Increased the amount of possible reserve ammo
  • Reduced the amount of ammo types
  • The unused crossbow prototype was fixed and will now appear in weapon racks and will be randomly carried by army of chaos and black hand troops
  • The lightning, wind and gravity guns now have infinite ammo
  • Increased the amount of tendrils the Tendrilizer can have active at once to 15
  • Nuke launcher (only spawnable with the entity spawner using "spawn nuke" - see installation)
  • Portable Illapa cannon (only spawnable with the entity spawner using "spawn illapagun" - see installation)
  • Portable cannon (only spawnable with the entity spawner "spawn cannongun" - see installation)

  • New and unused supply drops now appear in the supply drop menu
    • Props: Gondola Cart, Huntsman SAM launcher, Prospero signal jammer, car trailer, flatbed trailer, cargo trailer
    • Vehicles: 2019 Vistosa Supercar, Verdeleon Eco, Priza Azor, Vagabundo buggy (Rally versions), Signal jammer truck
    • Animals: Skramps the dog (our lord), Capybara (he pull up)
    • Weapons: Crossbow prototype (previously unused), Bárbaro Machine gun, Cazador 18 Shotgun, SW2 Rodelero Rifle, Zopilote sniper Rifle, Anti Tanque-1 RPG (AOC weapons)
  • Re-added a developer area that was left in in a past update
    • This area can be found in the sea behind the USS Codetalker
  • Removed some of the dirty ocean water
  • Titlescreen warnings will be skipped for faster loading
  • Misc UI customizations

  • Mods marked with a * were created by Protato (aka Eonzenx) who I was going to be working with on this mod originally, but he later lost interest
  • The JC5 concept, Agency, Terminator and Vadact Rico skins were created by DeviantArt user SquatinaCaprium
  • Thanks to Devjeff, Hugom2 and Okapi for suggesting some of the mods in here!

So what do you think? Give me some feedback down below and feel free to suggest more improvements and I will consider them for potential future updates to this project!

Check out my modding guide below on how to install mods and get the entity spawner:


  • initial release
Luke JC
  • 69Mods
  • 2Followers

June 2, 2024


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  1. Please PLEASE find a way to get the tornado gun mod to work again, it made the game much funner for me since the main reason I originally pre-ordered the game was because of the tornado and I was incredibly disappointed by how pathetic it was outside of missions.

    I always hated how much of jc4 marketing was based around the four weather variants and yet they rarely affect normal gameplay other than their regions missions. The black hand created devices that can manipulate weather and never used it to stop Rico or the rebels. I feel ashamed that jc4 was the first game I ever pre-ordered and I was given such a mediocre product compared to jc3 and its dlc and I haven’t pre-ordered another game since.

  2. Hi, Luke! Awesome work, I really enjoyed it. However, I’ve found some problems:
    1) Purple challenges appear on map, but can’t be triggered in the world. Deactivating mod fixes it
    2) Turbo and jump often interfere with tanks, apcs, helicopters secondary weapons
    3) I did not notice reduce of ammo types, every rifle and smg still have separate ammo

    Still, amount of positive changes is astonishing and game became much more pleasant to play but it would be great if these problems were fixed or/and you released guide for us to mod them ourself

Luke JC
  • 69Mods
  • 2Followers

June 2, 2024

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