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Protato’s Fixed GGR v04

 - Updated for Danger DLC and all current Black Market packs

 - Note: Daredevils Battlemuscle still omitted, problems with loading not found


Fixed all vehicle, weapons, grapple and rico files reliance on generated_global_resources.

Useful for other modders to easily mod any of the above files in a similar way to JC3




Download the file from the link above

Open the zip with 7zip

Move to your dropzone folder or save it locally to mod

Launch the game using a mod launcher
    I'd recommend Unknown Miscreant's Mod Launcher
    Luke's Mod Launcher with Shortcuts




v1: Initial release

v2: Fixed a few loose weapon files & added most vehicle weapons to local ee file

v3: Added the final few weapons

v4: Updated nitrous & turbo jump values for each vehicle

v5: Updated for Daredevils prep patch, added some DLC content (Only loads if you purchased the DLC)

v2.0: New naming scheme due to drastic overhaul, every entity has every useful file added to local ee

v03: Updated for Demons DLC,Toy Vehicles pack TBD

v04: Updated for Danger DLC, first 3 Black Market packs added





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  1. abrams2319 says:

    I am unsure why, but the agency smg only has the secondary fire files to edit. I can’t find the primary. I really want to increase the range on this bad boy. Anybody know what to do?

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September 9, 2019