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Run with shortcuts – alternative way to load mods

!!! This tool is outdated, get the newer version here: !!!




This tutorial will show you a way to more conveniently and quickly launch the game with mods and additionally load any modpacks you want without changing anything in a launcher-UI, and all that just two clicks away after setting it up!


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But before doing this, don't touch anything you have no idea what it does, just follow my guide

The icon of the shortcuts were made by Electro_, you can get them here;

So, let's start:


1) To get started, navigate to the Just Cause 4 directory. If you do not know how to get there:

  • Open Steam
  • Head to your library of games
  • Find Just Cause 4 in your list of games and right-click it
  • Click "properties", then at the tabs of the new window, press "local files" and then the button "browse local files"

1.5) If you haven't already, create a folder called dropzone in this folder


2) Now that you are in the Just Cause 4 folder, you should see a file called "JustCause4.exe"

  • Right-click it
  • Click on "Create shortcut"
  • A new file titled "JustCause4.exe - Shortcut" will appear
  • Rename the shortcut to Just Cause 4 (Mods)
  • Cut it and paste it onto your desktop


3) On your desktop, right-click the shortcut and hit "Properties"

  • In the new window, pretty much at the top you will see a field labelled "Target", in it you will see this: 

"DRIVE: PATH SteamLibrary steamapps common Just Cause 4 JustCause4.exe"

  • Click in this field, where the quotation marks end, make a space and type %JC4MODS%
  • Click OK to update the shortcut



4) Now that the shortcut is set up, let's give it launch options to actually include the mods at launch

  • Press the windows key and type Variable 
  • Either hit enter or click the suggestion "Edit the system environment variables"
  • A new window labelled "System Properties" will pop up



  • In the bottom right, press "Environment Variables..."
  • Yet another window will pop up, which is labelled "Environment Variables"


(ignore justlaunch and justlaunchslow)


  • At the top you can see a field called "User variables for USER", ignore it
  • At the bottom you can see a field called "System variables", below it click the "New..."-button
  • A new window called "New System Variable" will open up
  • At the top, in the field called "Variable name", enter JC4MODS
  • For "Variable value", enter all this, quotations included:

" --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive archives_win64boot_patch --vfs-archive archives_win64boot_hires --vfs-archive archives_win64boot --vfs-archive archives_win64main_patch --vfs-archive archives_win64main_patch_hires --vfs-archive archives_win64main_hires --vfs-archive archives_win64main --vfs-archive archives_win64cp_goldengear --vfs-archive archives_win64cp_deathstalker --vfs-archive archives_win64cp_digitaldeluxe --vfs-archive archives_win64cp_goldengear --vfs-archive archives_win64cp_neonracer --vfs-archive archives_win64daredevil --vfs-archive archives_win64wpn_904_dragon --vfs-archive archives_win64market1 --vfs-archive archives_win64market2 --vfs-archive archives_win64demonios"

^ there needs to be a backslash after each "win64" , as this site won't let me use it 👏

  • Finally hit OK



5) Now you got your shortcut that launches the game with mods and launch options in place, time to test!

  • Download this "Mod"
  • Unzip the folder, put the "videos"-folder into your dropzone folder, that should by now exist in your JC4-Directory
  • Double-click the shortcut
  • The intro video should now be completely black until the game loaded and only the progress bar is visible


=> That's it! You can now put in any mods and easily launch the game without any launcher-UI, with just two clicks!


6) Extras

  • If you now want to add a 2nd modpack with other mods, simply repeat all the steps above, but instead of "dropzone" , put in another name of your desire instead of "jc4mods" ,another name you wish it to be called
  • Another useful thing you can do, is download aaronald's wonderful entity-spawner  >>>here<<<, follow it's installation, return to the system variables, click your variable, click edit and add "-quickstart" , quotations included, behind the launch options. This will, as you might have guessed, start up the game quicker


  • initial release



  • includes daredevils DLC and dragon gun



  • includes demon DLC and toy vehicles



  • includes soaring speed vehicles pack


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