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Unlimited Ammo

From the creator of the Just Cause 3 Unlimited ammo (+ Infinite magazine size) mod!


Now you can have infinite ammo for (most) of your weapons!


This mod currently supports unlimited ammo for the following weapons:

  • SW9
  • SW7-PBA (primary fire only)
  • CC10 (primary fire only)
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4
  • 21-J Smart Rifle
  • SMG-2 (primary fire only)
  • LRD-3 Sniper (primary fire only)
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4 (primary fire only)
  • AT7 RPG
  • AT3-X RPG
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun (primary fire only)
  • PWC V4.2 “Wind Gun”
  • DA 9.3 “Lightning Gun” (primary fire only)

I cannot guarantee that this mod will work with future patches of the game.


Created using Protato’s Mod Creator.

Improved Railgun

Just Cause 4 mod | Improved Railgun

Made with Protato’s Mod Creator

Protato’s Mod Creator

– Magazine capacity increased from 4 to 10
– Unlimited reserve ammunition
– Doubled range
– Doubled velocity
– 50% faster fire rate
– 50% faster reload
– Doubled damage
– 10% incresed “impulse”

1. Get a mod launcher
2. Copy-paste into your dropzone folder


  • This was at first supposed to be an entire pack of various modded weapons, and possibly other types too, but I find that (modding) very hard so for now it’s just the railgun. When I find time I might update this and include more weapons.
  • I’ll try to add screenshots and a thumbnail when I have time.