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Unlimited mod loader – final

Using the Unlimited mod loader (before known as “launch with shortcuts”) allows you to use mods way more conveniently and without having to bother with any ui for setup

After setup, your mods are only two clicks away and you only get what you actually want!

-> why final? the game is no longer receiving big updated to it’s archives, which means this utility can not be broken by updates anymore!


It also offers you to set up multiple profiles, as example your regular dropzone and one for just testing mods

You can also easily exclude installed DLC if you want to play without it at any point!

Huge thanks to MrHecks Alot, Krom amd mmwookie for figuring out the launch options for the most recent blackmarket packs!


The icons for the shortcuts were made by Electro and can be downloaded here:

=> Want to play Just Cause 3? Online? With mods from me and others? Then feel free to check out my Freeroam Unlimited JC3MP server and it’s Discord, where you will get updates regarding Just Cause, get early infos about my mods and server updates!

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