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Better Weapons Modpack

Upgrades a whole host of weapons, including:

  • Anti-tank RPG
    • Fires much faster
    • Mag size of 3
  • AT7 RPG
    • Mag size of 6
    • Burst fires 3
    • Alt fire controls all 3 rockets at once
  • AT3-X RPG
    • Shoots 6 missiles per shot
    • Mag size of 2
  • Smart Rifle
    • Faster fire rate
    • Reduced recoil
    • Mag size of 18
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Burst fires 2
    • Reloads much much faster
    • Mag size of 10
  • PBA Burst Assault Rifle
    • Burst fires 6
    • Impulse +
    • Mag size of 24
    • Reduced recoil
  • CC10 Shotgun
    • Shoots faster
    • Impulse +++
    • Reloads much faster
    • Bullets per shot ++
  • PBX Auto Shotgun
    • Impulse +++
    • Bullets per shot +
  • SMG
    • Minor adjustments
  • SW9 Assault Rifle
    • Minor adjustments

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