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DBZK Mod Manager

DBZKModManager is a tool to help manage your mods for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, making things easier to keep up with. (If any questions etc comment below, PM, or add me on discord: HD#6722)

This tool was created with inspiration by PurpleHeart with their original DBZK Mod Manager creation, but of course using my own knowledge/set of skills with programming and didn't simply just copy everything straight from PurpleHeart.

I did somethings different than what PurpleHeart did in my version such as different options to do, backing up imported mods in case they're deleted, somewhat different design (using multiple different frameworks), animations/other effects and so on (you'll be able to see if you load them both to compare).

This tool is also made to support any kind of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game on PC whether its from steam or anywhere else. All you have to do is change the default game directory, and the default mod directory in options tab if you don't have it from steam etc.



When you first launch the tool, it will create its own files/directories in the C:/Users/USERNAME directory. The specific folder name is ".dbzkmodmanager" which will contain a .ini file which are the tools settings, and another folder which will hold the backed up imported mods if you enable that setting in the options tab. The default game/mod directories are set as if you installed DBZK via steam (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT | C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT/AT/Content/Paks/~mods) so if you would like to change them, simply go into the options tab and do so.


Importing Mods

To import a mod and or multiple mods at once, you can click the "ADD NEW MODS..." button, or you can drag/drop the files into the light grey part of the tool.

Note that the tool only supports .pak mods. If there are other kinds of files that need to be modified/added in order for a mod to work, you will have to manually do this yourself. There is a "OPEN MODS FOLDER" button, and a "OPEN MODS BACKUP FOLDER" button to either get to the directories easier/faster, or import a somehow deleted mod that was luckily backed up beforehand.


Enabling/Disabling Mods

In order to enable and disable mods, you will first need to load/refresh the mods you've already imported, or import mods if you hadn't already. When you load the tool, you will need to click the "LOAD/REFRESH MODS" button to view the already imported mods if you have some.

Simply check the box next to the mod you'd like to enable, or if you'd like to disable mods, simply uncheck the box next to the mod.

Note that in order for changes to take affect, you'll need you relaunch your DBZK game. There is a "RESTART/RUN DBZK GAME" button to easily close all DBZK processes, and then launch the game based on the set default game directory.

Also note that if you have a different game directory, the games file name must be set to "AT.exe" as if it was installed via steam in order to use the "RESTART/RUN DBZK GAME" button.

v1.1 - Updated PurpleHearts discord user in the ABOUT tab & in README text file as I noticed it's actually changed; Made the tool check if the default game directory (what ever it's set to) exists and check if the default mods directory (what ever it's set to) doesn't exist. If this is the case, the default mods directory will automatically be created for you in case you didn't know what/how to do with/about any of that.; Decided to just remove the obfuscation and other protections so your AntiVirus should be able to read it correctly and not think it's a virus.

v1.0 - Initial Release


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