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Faulconer Music Mod

"What is this mod?"

This mod replaces all of the games tracks (Except for video cutscenes) with the Faulconer music. 

"Why should I download this mod?"

As a huge fan of the Bruce Faulconer OST I felt it necessary to mod these into the game. I didn't really like the OST that came with the game and I felt that the gameplay alone wasn't enough to carry the games overall boringness. So I painstakingly sat through days of a walkthrough on Youtube, listening for what tracks appear where and then going through all 67 tracks and replacing them 1 by 1. They aren't just randomly thrown in there.

"Some songs sound out of place!"                                                       

The way the music is set up, the game calls upon the same soundtrack at different times, so occasionally you might get a characters theme playing for some random fight or the occasional out of place song. I can't help it if the game calls upon Cells Theme for a fight in the Frieza saga or something like that. The game just reuses the same tracks over and over.

Just drop it into your games installation folder (EX. Steam > steamapps > common > DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT)

1.2 Updated another 3 tracks.

Should be the final update.

-Vegeta vs Kid Buu changed to Buus music instead of a silent guitar

-Fixed Adult Gohans annoying looping track bug

-Changed one of the "suspenseful" tracks to something more nostalgic and better fitting


1.1 Update changes 3 tracks. 

-Kamis Lookout now has the proper track

-West City no longer sounds creepy

-Pikkons Theme has been edited to fit combat better


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  1. DigitalGamer says:

    Doesn’t work on my game for some reason any reason why? do i need dlc?

  2. super sam 10 says:

    Does this Mod still work in 2021 ???? or should I not even bother to download it ? Really want to try it out!!!

  3. super sam 10 says:

    downloaded and installed, the name of the songs appear but now just complete silent. no more BGM. voices and sound effects still work for me though.

  4. super sam 10 says:

    shit just broke my back ground music thanks alot

  5. microdash says:

    I have tested this mod July 13th, 2021 with version 1.60 with the DLCs for the game installed. I can confirm that this mod does not work any longer. There is no music in any aspect of the game outside of videos such as the opening. Both combat and exploration no longer have any music. I recommend a mod on the Nexus which I will link below. I have tested that mod with the above conditions and can confirm that it works and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for this soundtrack.

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January 29, 2020